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Order Didelphimorphia

The opossums are a diverse group of marsupials found in South America with one species, the Virginia opossum, being located in North America (US and Canada). Opossums are about the size of a cat or smaller. They have long, sparsely-haired tails that are typically scaled and prehensile. Most species have pouches. All the toes except for the first one on each hind foot are clawed. The first toe, known as the hallux, lacks a claw and instead has a nail. This toe is partially opposable.

Opossums are typically arboreal in nature with one species actually being aquatic. Opossums can be found in thorn scrub, grassland, tropical forests, and urban areas. They are primarily insectivorous or omnivorous in nature.

There are 60 species in 1 family:

Didelphidae (opossums) 60 spp