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Order Microbiotheria

This is a very small order of opossums containing only one living species known as the colocolo or monito del monte. At one time they were placed in the order Didelphimorphia along with the other opossums, but due to several morphological differences were placed in a separate order. The skull's shape is peculiar, with several technical differences from the opossums. The upper and lower incisors are broader than those of Didelphimorphia, but the dental formula is exactly the same as a family in that order. They have 50 teeth. Colocolos are small and have a prehensile tail and a pouch. They can be found mainly in Chile and Argentina in South America. They are insectivorous in nature. There are 7 known species in one family:

Microbiotheriidae (colocolos) 7 spp 6 extinct, 1 living