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Marsupial Moles

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Order Notoryctemorphia

This is a small and unusual order of marsupials collectively known as marsupial moles. True moles are absent from Australia, and so marsupial moles are there to take their place. The marsupial mole looks and behaves like the golden moles of Africa in many ways, being similar in size, shape, and fur colour and texture. Their eyes lack a lense and pupil and therefore are vestigial organs, leaving the marsupial mole blind. They also lack external ears. The snout is encased in a horny shield and the short tail is covered by a leathery skin. The claws are spade- like in shape and function. Marsupial moles have a small, well-developed pouch.

Marsupial moles are insectivorous in nature, just like true moles, but unlike true moles spend a lot of time aboveground. They do not seem to be closely related to any of the other marsupials. There are 2 spp, in 1 family:

Notoryctidae (marsupial moles) 2 spp