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Family Elephantidae

African Elephants

African Elephant
South African Bush Elephant sbssp.
Forest Elephant sbssp.
East African Bush Elephant sbssp
West African Bush Elephant sbssp.

Asian Elephants

Asian Elephant
Ceylon Elephant sbssp.
Indian Elephant sbssp.
Sumatran Elephant sbssp.
Malaysian Elephant sbssp.

Order Proboscidea

The order Proboscidea is a small order of large ungulates (hoofed mammals) that are closely related to hyraxes. Elephants are large with grey, leathery skin. They have two noticeable features: the trunk and the elongated incisors known as the tusks. They are found only in the Old World and are very intelligent, used as beasts of burden and often worshiped in religions. There are two species, both endangered, found in one family:

Elephantidae (African elephants, Asian elephants) 2 spp



sbssp. = subspecies