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Flying Lemurs

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Order Dermoptera

This small order consists of only two living species known as flying lemurs or colugos. Flying lemurs are unusual animals. They have a lemur-like face, but are not related to the primates. Indeed, they are unique to the mammalian class, having no living relatives. They are most noted for a membrane of skin that stretches from the neck to the forepaws to the hind feet to the tip of the tail. This skin allows them to glide distances of 330 ft (100 m), giving them the appearance that they are flying.

Flying lemurs are brown or grey in colour and are covered with irregular white spots. They have a distinctive head, being both broad and flat. The feet contain long, needle-shaped claws.

Flying lemurs are herbivorous in nature, feeding on leaves. They are nocturnal, and can be found in southeast Asia and the Philippines.

There are 2 families, one of which is extinct. Today there are 2 living species.

Cynocephalidae (flying lemurs) 2 spp
Plagiomenidae (flying lemurs - extinct)