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Family Molidae

Ocean Sunfish

Ocean Sunfish
Southern Ocean Sunfish
Slender Mola
Sharptail Mola

Order Tetraodontiformes

This small order of fish is filled with some of the more unusual oceanic and freshwater fish. Thy range greatly in size, from the 7-foot ocean sunfish to the 1-foot filefish. In most cases, their names give away their unusual appearance. The pufferfish can puff itself up into a large swimming ball, the burrfish is covered in spines, the ocean sunfish has a large, round body with a head that cannot be distinguished from the body, etc. Most of these species are rotund or box- like in shape, giving them the common names of boxfish, trunkfish, globefish, etc. There are 340 species in 9 families:

Balistidae (triggerfish) 30 spp
Diodontidae (porcupinefish, globefish)
Molidae (ocean sunfish) 4 spp
Monacanthidae (filefish)
Ostraciidae (boxfish, trunkfish, cowfish)
Tetraodontidae (pufferfish)
Triacanthodidae (spikefish)
Triodontidae (three-toothed pufferfish)