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My Roxann Dawson Page

This page is probably never going to be as good as those fancy-smanshy pages, but I'm proud of it. Thankyou for visiting my site, please come again !!!! Link to me?!?!? Cool, just EMAIL ME. If there are any broken links please email me ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --Last updated December 28, 2001. I know, I know- I haven't updated in four months. I'm either extremely busy or extremely lazy ;)Well, I changed my link page around, but it's not complete. I put it up just so I had something to update. With a few days of vacation left, I'll see what I can do in updating pics and such (maybe even add a new art pic). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I do not own star trek, the x-files or the Pretender. I wish I do but I don't. Don't forget to sign my guest book!!!!!! Hey, I SAID don't forget to sign my Guest Book. Ooh, come on....

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