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Last Updated:  April 20th, 2012

Freedom Of Road Riders, Inc. Of Missouri
Robert Reif Jr., President
Local #20 - Dexter, Mo. (573) 293-4754

Just to let everyone know, we have several of the local patches left, still only $5.00. Mindy also has several FORR product line stuff for sale.  Contact her to see what she has left.


Don't forget to visit our Sponsors, they go out of their way to assist us in our endeavors and are all biker friendly.  A few of our sponsors: Longbranch Saloon, Sonny's Place, Tool Shed Saloon, He's Not Here, Bullwinkles, Tooties 225 Package, Root Hog Rally, Eubanks Trucking, Smith's Tree Service, Farm Hand Supply, Ice Cycle, RTCycles, Hopper's Service, Zero's Bar, Grade Rite and many more are are eager to sponsor us.

If you have a sponsor mind let me or Mindy know or print out a sponsor form from the home page.

You can always contact Mindy or me at 573-293-4754