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Please remember all those who perished on September 11, 2001.  They will forever remain in our hearts.  Never forgot the fallen and remember them and their family always in your prayers.

Fallen Freedom Of Road Riders
There is a saying that a biker down is never alone, for his or her fellow riders have went down as well. No matter the colors, the beliefs, the ride, race, or past issues; when a biker is down, all bikers rush to assist. Unfortunately there comes a time in every bikers life that the biker must go down for the final time. Often heard are; he or she left us too soon, they lived a long life, and a lot of why's? The why's are simple - bikers require angels to guide them and protect them along their journey this is what our fallen bikers do. The next time you're on a ride, just look over your shoulder, beside you, or anywhere the wind blows for your fellow biker angel is riding along with you and say "Thank you" to show them that they are always welcome to escort you on your journey in the wind.

Please say a prayer for our fallen Brothers, Sisters and their Familys

As long as you keep them in your heart, they will always be alive in your memory!

Dennis "Roothog" Joseph
LiL Mike Kim Stephens
Terry Eaton
Joe Berry
Emmett Eugene Riley