From 1999 until 2001, I spent a lot of my spare time photographing the graffiti in Kansas City, and uploading it to the net to share with the rest of the world.. I don't have the time to do it any longer, but even after four years without adding new photos to the site, the traffic has remained steady, and I feel that I owe it to everyone who's work is featured on this page to at least make the site worth everyone's effort.. Thanks to everyone!

Kansas City's alternative weekly paper, The Pitch, wrote an extensive article on our graff scene back in 2001 and another article about NEWA in 2003.. I also found this old art gallery review..

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Angelfire cut my storage space from 50MB to 20MB, and a lot of the best stuff on this site was deleted.. In addition, I don't have as much free time to manage a website as I used to.. I no longer update this site, but I feel that it gives a good representation of Kansas City's graff scene from 1999-2001.. Although I devoted certain portions of this site to individual artists, this page was created to show all levels of talent in the scene, from simple two color tags to multi-color burners.. There are a lot of new writers in Kansas City who aren't credited on this site, but this site is no longer an up-to-date chronicle of our scene..

A big part of this website was available by anonymous submission, and I appreciate everyone who shared their photos with me.. I am no longer adding new photos to the site..

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A. an art form perfected right here in the midwest...

***Disclaimer*** I don't write graff, and I don't condone vandalism to others' property.. I am a photographer and an artist.. I'm documenting the graffiti in Kansas City because it is an explicit form of art that I happen to be attracted to.. I don't know anyone who writes graffiti personally, so please don't email me asking how to get ahold of someone..

1.Don't paint over serial numbers on freights! This will really make the companies mad, and they will most likely buff your artwork..

2.Don't leave empty cans or other trash on the ground! That would give away your spot.. If it's a good spot, you'll want to keep it!

3.Don't test your paint all over the place... especially not on train tracks! That would also give away your spot!

4.Don't leave your tags around your entrance or exits.. Next time, they might be waiting for you!

5.Don't tell everyone about your spot or eventually, it will be everyone's spot..

6.Don't park close to your spot, or in any other obvious places..

7.If you leave graff shit in your car (i.e. black book, markers, cans), hide it under a blanker or in the trunk.. Keep it out of site!

8.Don't paint with a large number of people.. Try to keep it under 3..

9.Don't wear clothes with paint on them, or all your "new, fresh gear", try to dress like a bum..

10.Wear rubber gloves so you don't get paint on your hands..

Once an abandoned building full of graffiti, they've actually turned this place into 'Luxury Lofts'!

Of course, like any good boy should, I have to give much thanks to

for being the best source for graffiti on the internet, and for featuring a link to my page on theirs!