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Summary---Operation Abilene

OPERATION ABILENE, HEADQUARTERS, 1ST INFANTRY DIVISION ADJUTANT GENERAL'S OFFICE (ARMY) APR 1966 ... 11 Apr - 1/18 Infantry was extracted from the Operational Area to its base camp vic BIEN HOA, utilizing CH-47 aircraft. At 110900H, 1/26 Infantry was placed under OPCON 2d Brigade and lifted to an LZ vic COURTENEY Airfield. B 1/26 Infantry, Brigade Rapid Reaction Force, secured the LZ while HHC 2/18 Infantry and C 1/7 Army were extracted from LZ WILLIE to vic COURTNEY Airfield. The 1/26 Inf (-) conducted search and destroy operations east of Highway 2 into Area D(?) 2/18 Inf (-) continued to move in a westerly direction with negligible contact during the day. The 2/16 Inf continued to move NW and clear the stream lines in Area A and B. The Battalion engaged sereral small groups of VC throughout the day. At 111355H, C 2/16 Infantry engaged a Platoon of VC killing 5 (BC), while having 2 US KIA and 12 US WIA. The VC broke contact. At 111735H, the company began receiving mortar fire and heaavy automatic weapons fire from all directions. B 2/16 with the Battalion Command Group and B 2/18 Infantry attached to the 2/16 Infantry at 111800H began moving to reinforce C 2/16 Infantry. A continuous barrage of Artillery Fire was placed around the C 2/16 Infantry during the battle, inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy. The VC broke contact at 111930H. Air Force flare ships maintained continous illumination of the battle area throughout the night while Artillery continued to place concentrated fires 25 meters from the company perimeter and interidict the VC route of withdrawal. 12 Apr - B 1/18 and B 2/16 Infantry were in position to reinforce C 2/16 during the night of 11-12 Apr, but waited outside of C 2/16 perimeter until the 1st light. At 120700H, a CH-47 lowered medical personnel to treat casualties and a Engineer Team to clear an LZ into the C 2/16 battle area. At 111300H, C 2/15 was extracted by air to BINH BA where they were further extracted to Battalion base camp at BEARCAT. The VC suffered 41 KIA (BC) and 50 VC (probable) in this encounter. Friendly caualties were 34 KIA and 72 WIA. The battle field was policed and B 2/16 and B 2/18 move to the NE in an effort to locate the remanents of the VC Battalion. The 2/18 (-) moved south to Area C in an attempt to locate the retreating VC. 1/26 Inf (-) moved into blocking positions along Highway 2 in Area C. At 121645N, C Infantry reinforced with a Cav Plat was placed under OPCON 2d Brigade. The Company was placed under OPCON 1/26 Infantry with a misson of blocking to the east in the area above BINH GIA. There was only minor contact during the day that resulted in 5 VC KIA (BC) and 2 VC KIA (prob). ... CONFIDENTIAL