Dear Mr. Wyrick,

I found your web page a few months ago and I wanted to write you to share some information. My father, Roger Fritz, was a Lieutenant in C Company 1/52nd Inf.1970 - 1971. I am happy to see that so many of you who served our country in Vietnam are still reaching out to each other. Although my father passed away since his return from the war, I am still very interested in learning about his past and the people he served with.

I have a significant request for you and the members of C Co. 1/52nd Inf. I am now also a 2LT like my father. Currently, I am an Abrams Tank Platoon Leader in the 4th. Infantry Division at Ft. Hood. As a matter of coincidence (or maybe not) I also am in Charlie Company (3rd Platoon, C 1/67th. Armor). Because of my position I have the honor of naming my tank with any word or phrase that starts with the letter "C". I would be honored if you would allow me to name my tank "Charlie Scarf". The name "Charlie Scarf" will be on the gun tube. I can't think of a better way to honor and remember my father and all the soldiers of C Co. 1/52nd. Inf. Sincerely. Jeremiah Fritz


Your request is granted for naming your tank the "Charlie Scarf", this is a great Tribute to your father and all who served in Charlie Co. 1/52nd Inf. through out the Vietnam War. Terry Wyrick

Mr. Wyrick

Thank you for granting me this favor. Here is a quick update on where I am at. As you may know from the news the 4th. Inf. Div. received deployment orders in January and we quickly loaded our equipment on ships bound for Turkey. Attached is a picture of my tank "Charlie Scarf", waiting to be loaded at the port in Beaumont, TX. Since that time the Division has been waiting at Ft. Hood for orders to go. As you may know, Turkey did not allow us to use their land and the Pentagon finally made the decision to send us to Kuait. I will leave in roughly a week.

I want you and everyone who served in 1/52nd. Inf. to know that I am honored to have the opportunity to pay tribute to my father and the men of Charlie Company. "Charlie Scarf" is a constant inspiration to me. Thanks so much for your support and best wishes to all the men and their families. Sincerely, Jeremiah Fritz


During surfing in internet I found your webpage which is really well done. I know your main subject is your special time in Vietnam. I'm searching for painting and marking a M1A2 SEP scale model in 1:35. I'm a 36 years old tanker from Germany. Sideline I support Minichamps company for authentic models. Mainly they are in car models but last years they also made tanks. Available US tanks are a M48A3 Vietnam and a M60A1 Desert Storm 1991. The M1A2 SEP Abrams will be new this year.

The 'Charlie Scarf' tank seems a good possibility to make a tank with a 'Background'.

I found your contact to a 2Lt Jeremiah Fritz with a pictures of his tank. Please allow my two questions. - Do you have more pictures of that special Abrams? - Can you bring me in contact to Jeremiah Fritz? resp. ask him if he is interested?

The result could be a ready-built 1:35 with his markings out of metal and working suspension.

Thanks for any help. Best regards

Frank Lobitz


Terry Wyrick holding his 1/35 scale model of the "Charlie Scarf Tank"