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Independent Recording Artists and Independent record labels are well represented at International Music Promotions and Marketing Service.

Let us Mail, Promote and Market your CD Singles and CD Albums to our Radio Station and Distributor contacts Overseas.

We got involved in the overseas marketplace in 1987. As an Independent Record Label we were searching for a fair marketplace to air and market our Artists and Products. Although we were getting plenty of air play on secondary market radio stations in the U.S. and charting very well in several Independent Record Charts we were not receiving air play on major market radio or selling products.

In 1989 at the request of several Independent Record Labels in the U.S. and a few hundred radio stations overseas we established International Record Mailing & Marketing Service. At the fall of actual vinyl records and CD's taking over the industry in the early 90's we changed our company name to International Music Promotions & Marketing Service.

We opened this service for two specific reasons; We realized that we could not possibly meet the huge product demand by overseas radio stations by ourselves and like many others we felt that it was time that other Independent Record Labels and Independent Recording Artists had the opportunity to expose their Products to this great new marketplace.

We were the very first Independent mailing, promotions and marketing service to promote Independent Music to the World and we continue to do so.

At this time we service 524 radio stations (major and secondary market radio stations) and 79 overseas music distributors throughout Europe, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South America and other countries of the world with all styles, types and formats of Independent music products.

If your Artists and Products are commercial, no matter what style or format of music that you record we feel certain that we can be a great asset to you, your artists and your products through our overseas network. For more information, pricing etc. contact: Charlie Beth at(417) 546-3965 or e-mail us at our e-mail address listed below. You will be happy that you did.


If you would like to submit a copy of your CD album, CD single or your promotional package to us for our promotional and marketing consideration please feel free to do so. Please include a copy of your album or single,bio sheets on the artists if available and also photos of the artists if available. Send to:

International Music Promotions

& Marketing Service

20959 U.S. Hwy.160

Forsyth, Missouri


International Music Promotions & Marketing Services Include

  • Overseas Air Play
  • Artists & Label Exposure
  • Possible Sales & Product Distribution
  • Possible Artists Bookings & Tours

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