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Ravenwood Wire Fox Terriers

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Welcome to Ravenwood. We have been involved with dogs in some form for the past thirty years. We have groomed, trained and shown several different breeds. For the past sixteen years we have raised "quality" not quantity Wire Hair Fox Terriers  to become home companions, obedience and show. Detail to temperament, health and conformation have been our goals in breeding. .

The Wire Hair Fox Terrier was originally bred in England for going to ground after prey and is therefore considered a hunting dog. They have a strong prey drive and will chase anything that moves. Obedience training and socialization are two of the things that I urge owners to do. A trained Wire Fox Terrier can be a joy to be with and an untrained one can be a nightmare. There are so many activities you can enjoy with your Wire Hair Fox Terrier such as agility, fly ball, obedience, earth dog along with showing in conformation classes.

 I am no longer raising Wire Hair Fox Terrier puppies but have left the web site up in case anyone would like to use the grooming/tips pages. 

Several have ask me regarding books on Wire Hair Fox Terriers and training. Here are some that I have found.

Fox Terriers by Sharon Vandulip, D.V.M.

Wire Fox Terrier: A Complete and Reliable Handbook by Ann Hearn


EarthDog Ins and Outs by 
Jo Ann Frier-Murza


This book is out of print and you can order it from by clicking on photo.

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