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This information is a result of the work compiled by Wilbur Lewis King who wrote and published


Jacob King (Konig) and Matheus King (Konig)


Northampton County, Pennsylvania

Bethlehem, Penna.

Printed Privately



.On 7 October, 1751, the ship JANET William Cunningham, Captain, arrived at Philadelphia from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. There were on board this vessel two hundred and twenty passengers of whom three bore the family name of KONIG (King). Their names were Abraham, Jacob and Mattheus. These pioneers, being of German origin, conversed in the German language, wrote in the same language and their descendants continued to use their German name KONIG for several generations. Gradually, they assumed the anglicised form "KING". It is impossible to state definitely what relationship existed between these 3 persons, but the following facts may indicate a solution to the problem.

The possibilities are that an entire family set sail for the new world; that the wife died on the long journey leaving the husband and the two sons to enter the new world alone; that the father, Abraham, also was taken sick, was too weak to sign the Declaration of Allegiance, died soon after leaving the vessel, and therefore no trace of him has been found; that the two boys, Jacob and Mattheus, left to care for themselves in a strange land, secured adjoining farms and raised their families in the same neighborhood.

For the purpose of this genealogical study, it is therefore presumed that ABRAHAM KONIG is the father of children JACOB and MATTHEUS KONIG (KING).

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