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Kev's Music Page
Updated 12/17/99

Well, it has finally happened. I'm moving out today to do my student teaching next semester. I will no longer have use of my T-1 connection, so these files will only be available through personal request. I'll try to get files to people through e-mail or ICQ. Preferably ICQ. I have the files listed below, plus several other files from Tenchi, El Hazard, Final Fantasy, and Lodoss War. Please don't hesitate to ask if I have something that isn't listed. I will do my damnedest to answer all requests as quickly as possible. I hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday season! (That is, for everyone that has holidays during December and January, and for everyone else, have a good time anyway!) My ICQ # is 24175066 and my e-mail is below.

Welcome to my music page! Below are a few links to some of the songs that I have collected and made into mp3s. For those of you who don't know, this can be a time-comsuming process if you don't have a lightning fast computer. I want to encourage anyone who downloads songs from here to consider buying the orignal CD if you like the songs. That way, artists get their share (and the record producers and companies get more than their share) and besides, my stereo still has better sound output than my computer speakers! Oh, I almost forgot to mention, almost all of my songs are in English. Maybe it's just me, but I'm a Midwestern guy and I have a hard time singing along in
Japanese. Well, enjoy!

These files are on my ftp which is not always active. Your best bet is to try between 12:00am (CST) and 2:00pm (CST) because I will probably be using my cpu at other times during the day and will shut down the ftp to free up system resources (my cpu isn't the fastest). If this is a problem, e-mail me and we'll work something out.

Alrighty!!! I'm really impressed by the responses that I have gotten to my MP3 page. I was afraid no one would bother downloading files since they are available only at certain times, but you guys proved me wrong. As a result, I have decided to add more songs from El Hazard and Tenhi Muyo!, and I'm gonna add some Final Fantasy songs as well. I've also got several Lodoss War songs that will be coming next. Thanks for stopping by. Once again, I want to encourage people to e-mail me if they have trouble with these files or find the download times inconvenient.

Tenchi Muyo! songs:
Talent for love (OAV)
I am a Pioneer (OAV)
Washu's Lullaby (OAV)
Alchemy of Love (Tenchi Muyo in Love) Manatsu No Eve

El Hazard songs:
Illusion (TV Series)
Main Theme (OAV 1)
Ifurita's Theme
Opening Theme (OAV 2)
Bugrom Theme

And, here they are: the Final Fantasy songs I promised.
Opening to Final Fantasy VI
Ending to Final Fantasy Tactics
Ending to Final Fantasy IV (Piano Concerto)
Final battle theme for Final Fantasy VII

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If there are any problems with these links, please feel free to email me at