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About the Mosque:

Bravanese arrival in the United Kingdom started at the beginning of the nineties.

Few years later, the first religious school was opened by Haji Abubakar under his tutorship. Shortly after few months, the school running was interrupted due to Haji Abubakar's departure, and it had to be closed.

Eventually, another religious center was operated by Ahmed Mohamed which continued unluckily for only one and half year.

Many different religious schools were thereafter opened, but didn't last long, due to lack of sufficient space insight of the growing number of Bravanese community children in a progression increase.

Throughout this period, the community elders tried their best to find a place to tackle adequately this problem of tution place, in order to instill with Islamic education and culture for the young generation.

Unfortunately, no places could be found for the years that followed. They even tried to apply to the Authorities, but - in vain - there was neither reply nor action.

In the end, the community had to rent a place for the purpose. In September 9, 1997, they found a place to rent from a Muslim Pakistani businessman, it was a semi-detached hall to Cloth factory belonged to the same.

Shortly after six months, the landlord stopped taking the rent.

Once again, after he felt the genuinity of the venture, and the congregational prayers, taking place five times a day, as well as the adults' religion teachings classes, he generously decided to devote the hall for the noble project of erecting a Mosque.

The Bravanese community decided to renovate, project and plan the hall to build a mosque, with all its services and requirements. The reconstruction process stared at August 1998.

The project was finished and the mosque actually opened at the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan at December 18, 1998.

It's the hope of all Bravanese community in England that this outstanding and sacrosanct deed will serve the cause of uniting the Muslim brethren as they after all belong to the same family and have the good chance of worshipping Allah in peace and tranquility under the same roof.

While the sincere prayers of all those, who will convene in this home of God will be directed asking Allah, so that the blessings of Him and his forgiveness and mercy be bestowed to both that good Muslim who wholeheartedly donated the plot of land and those who spared no effort and endeavor to see to it that the project materialized in accordance to the saying of our beloved prophet (PBUH): which states in meaning "He who builds a Mosque for the sake of God, he will enjoy of a home in paradise built to him and gifted by Allah".

Those kind of people are the one mentioned in the Holy Quran (Surat At-Towbah verse 18) as those who believe in Allah in and the Last Day, and are sincerely committed to build or repair a Mosque to maintain it in fitting dignity to visit it for purpose of worship and true devotion, and to fill it with light and life and activity. It is they who are expected to be on true guidance.


Trustee Members:

Mr Mohamed Aslam Chairman

Mr Munye Abdo Deputy Chairman

Mr Ali Haji Abu Secretary

Mr Mohamed Bakari Treasurer/Co-ordinator



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