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Hanson Storytellers Central

Hanson Storytellers Central Thanks for coming to the Hanson Storyteller page! If you have a story you'd like to put on the page please e-mail me. Prerequisites: I have changed these. The only thing is that they must be on a webpage! Stories with excessive swearing and/or adult situations will have a warning mark by them. Please sign the Guestbook and have fun reading! This page was last updated 2-5-00

2-21-00 - Hi everyone! I'm going to start deleting my stories from this webpage. Don't worry if you have linked to them, I'll leave up the title page saying to go to a new link. I'm starting a new project for the webpage, again! It'll take a lot of time, but I really think you guys will appreciate it. Until then, there may not be too many additional stories added to the page. I hope you enjoy them, though! There's also something new that I just found out about, it's called the Hanson Novellist's Guild. Click the banner to go there and find out more about it! hng story source

Hey guys! I've finally gotten around to something I've been promising for awhile. New links will be up very soon! I have moved all of my personal stories to a new page, currently it's called Kelly's Stories , but I think I'll be changing the title soon. You can find all of my stories on there! Also, I run a Fanfic club, it's called Hanfic For The Soul and you can join by e-mailing me and you won't be disappointed!!

1-17-00 - Hey guys, I am so sorry this hasn't been updated ever since September! Sophomore year of high school has been busier than I thought. Anyways, I'm going to add a new layout to the page soon, add more new links (yay!), and, although this is a seperate project, I'm moving all of my Hanson stories to their own pages, so they'll have different links (if you ever visited my Fiction page , the stories on there, the stories there will not move, including Trouble in 10th Grade and Torn will not move). Hopefully, this will all be done in a week or so! I'm planning on it. Anyway, thanks for coming back and I promise that it'll be updated more now that 1st semester is over!

Guys, thanks for checking here so often. I haven't had much time to update. If you sent me an application for an award, don't worry, it'll be coming your way soon. I'm just getting everything together. Check back here soon, I have a whole bunch more story links for you guys to check out!!

* = stories written by me

^ = Reader's discretion

My ICQ # is 31823749

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