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One night in January of '76, two people decided that they'd like to have a child. So, some time later, they had this boy named Jonathan. This boy was so perfect that after that, the couple decided to only have girls, killing off any other boy children afterwards.

Public school and his mother gave Jonathan the support and encouragement he needed to realize that art and music were the only things important to him. So, after high school spit him out into the real world, Jonathan went to college to pursue both.

However, the real world is a tricky thing when it comes to realizing one's dreams. Jonathan soon found out that even though you have a willingness to do whatever it takes to make it, some people don't care. Thank you to those people who didn't care, because without it, Jonathan wouldn't be as determined as he is today.

Currently Jonathan is living his dream of doing art in the day (in a sign shop in Kalamazoo) and playing music at night (in the up and coming group, Immigrant Blue). Jonathan has no idea where the future will take him, but has finally learned to accept whatever outcome he receives.




Although claimed by the Moody & Kressler clans, neither family endorses the wild and crazy antics that may ensue here. Read at your own risk.