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In a bizarre move, SCI-FI has choosen to cancel the cutting-edge series Good vs Evil. I have been unable to post messages to their message board about this travesty, as SCI-FI doesn't apparently believe that people with web-based e-mail addresses count, just like they don't believe the opinions of anyone but the 5,000 Nielsen members count. Anyhoo, I have taken some addresses from the board (with apologies to their authors) for you to write to in order to convice them to GET IT BACK. Click on the link below.

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Go to the SAVE GVSE mailto page!You may be confused about my interest in the continuation of GVSE, as the good guys have always won so far, but the morlocks are awfully stylish and deliciously devilish. Two Hooves Up! See our Poll below!

Or, I read you can get fan mail forwarded to the creators of the show at, but it appears to be a credit-card place. If you know the correct one, please contact me.

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