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SNIPER Bass Club is a new bass club for bass fishermen that put in a full 40 hour work week and don't have the time or the luxury to spend everyday on the water. 

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This page will  focus on bass fishing, but we will also touch on other species - if the bass are not biting .

The SNIPER Bass Club is made up of a group of ordinary people with ordinary jobs.  Because of these ordinary jobs we do not get to fish as much as we would like to (who does).

We are hoping by providing and exchanging information on the newest tackle, techniques, accessories, hotspots and anything else to improve your fishing, that this will you give you more time to hunt "BucketMouth Billy".

SNIPER Bass Club lives by one motto:  "HOOKSET 7:12".  You can figure out the Hookset part, but the 7 stands for seven days a week and the 12 stands for 12 months a year.  So if you see that phrase anywhere or our logo, just smile and say "SNIPER Got'em".

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