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This site, unlike the MO State Bears, is going into hibernation.

Coach Martin will enter his second season at the helm of the Missouri State Bears in 2009-2010 and there is a whole host of newcomers that should boost the Bears fortunes. Changing demands on my time are going to limit any chances I would have to update this site. I'll still be at the home games, still figure out a way to get to several road games, still be cheering on the Bears but this site will probably not get updated very often.

If you want a dose of internet scuttle-butt about what's going on with the Bears, check out BearNation - site of all things Bears and the most active Missouri State message board I know of (right now).

Just to set the record straight, the only thing BearNation has to do with is that the founder of BearNation was once a member on my message board. That's it, he's doing a decent job and deserves all the credit. Griz & I did a damn good job on our board but the season's change and our message board days have been in the cave for a while.

See you at JQH!


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