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     Petes-kun's Fanfic 
 Welcome to my catacomb abyss, my Id, my window to the horrors of my  
               imagination,  Free kittens, inquire within.


  A Warrior Arises

In the year 1953 a martial artist named Maverick Kouryou died while fighting a trio of warriors. Now in the present day Nerima he's come back! And ready to rumble...

A Warrior Arises prt. 1# - Scrap in Nerima!
Maverick has come to the Nerima district, pulled by forces unknown. And Cologne seems to want to use his skills to help out an agenda of her own....
AWA  Art

Yasha by - Lucrezia Noin
Shade and Ten-yen by - RanMaFan
Maverick by - SRanmaJ

  Short fics

Cursed Troll - A short little story starring Ryouga.

Lin-lin and Ran-ran Write a fic - The name says it all.

Super Otaku Anime TV

Petey SCinGer "How hentai are they?"
- A Jerry Springer style joke/spam fic starring Petes-kun and team Ranma.

  Coming Soon

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