Mural illustration of a diverse group of kids and representations of their dreams for the future
1999/2000 by Sarah A. McUmber-House

hey are the past - reinvented. They are the future - unexplored.
They are the seeds of grief & rapture. They are NOT to be ignored.

hey are sponges for all knowledge. They are seekers of the truth.
They are the clay that we've been molding. They are the sculpture that is youth.

hey can be zookeepers or ditch-diggers, or questers to the stars.
They may be doctors, builders, dancers. They are the treasure that is ours.

e must see them - recognize them. We must pay heed to every one.
Our future cannot come without them, and it will reflect what we have done.

e must show them that they're valued. We must see their dreams come true.
If we would build our legacy, We must give them the tools.

hey can be peace-keepers or teachers, or designers of our cars.
They may be scientists or inventors. They are the treasure that is ours.

Text of Dedication Speech by the artist

The C.H.A.R.T. Mural Project

Original mural concept, design and words 1999/2000 by Sarah A. McUmber-House.

A community effort to show area youth that they are valued and that their dreams are important for
all our futures.

The goals of the C.H.A.R.T. (Community Health Assessment Resource Team) Teen Task Force are:
to encourage teens to make responsible choices,
( especially in delaying becoming sexualy active until they have a full grasp of the responsibilities and repercussions involved);
to improve teen-parent communication;
to help teens recognize the importance of their personal goals and better see ways to reach them.

Paramount in this endeavor is for the community to show these young people that they are worthy of our interest, our support, our guidance and our efforts on their behalf. The production of the Mural Project has involved area youth and adults in preparing and painting the panels, and will continue that involvement with maintaining the mural and the area in which it is to be displayed. The group effort will be evidence to the public, and a constant reminder to ourselves, that we are concerned with the future, and those who will shape it - our children.

Missouri Dept. of Health - C.H.A.R.T.

Sassafrass Grove

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