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newThe Homeschooling of Andrew Wyeth
newHomeschoolers’ Success Stories
- from Linda Dobson’s book of the same name - loads of inspirational vignettes
Where the Heart Is
an excellent "Beyond the Buzzwords" article on homeschooling
from Association of Educational Publishers (EdPress)

Homeschooling In The News
find out what's being reported regarding homeschooling
Home Taught
looks at several aspects of home education
and offers definitions of Homeschooling, Unschooling, and other approaches

At Home Mothers
Providing complete support for the at-home motherhood lifestyle,
free Info Guides, articles, tips, online newsletters
plus At-Home Mother magazine and the National Association of At-Home Mothers.

The Three Barriers to Study
And How To Overcome Them - a great little booklet that helps you *and* your kids
understand what happens to make learning a chore *and* how to get back in the swing

Homeschooling at Suite 101
Articles, Links and Discussions to help us on this homeschooling adventure
School is Dead, Learn in Freedom
Need some support for your decision? Much, lots, more, and then some!

The Detroit CyberTripp
an awesome alphabetical list of resources from 'Abacus' to 'You can quit smoking'
...including educational links and freebies

The ABC's of Homeschooling
Article on homeschooling from the Knoxville, TN News-Sentinal
Sylvan Children's Skills Test
skills and aptitude assessment
Learning Life
Food for thought and places to talk
Character Counts!
a nationwide initiative to support nonpartisan character education
HomeSchool World
articles, lists of HSing organizations & conventions, Homeschool Mall, Help back issues, and more
Learn2 do everything from buy new skis to fold the flag
Perpetual Preschool
an invaluable asset to Early Childhood Educators
Homeschooling Conferences by State
Elaine M. Gibson
Parenting advice
Homeschool Friendly Colleges
How to Turn On Gifted Kids at Home
Montessori for the Earth - and in the Home - incorporating
Montessori philosophy and education in homeschooling

Association Montessori Internationale
International Montessori Society
The Montessori Foundation
Yahoo! Montessori Listings
Homeschool Central
Christian oriented but all will find it useful
Education Central
at Parent Soup - Great Place!
Parents Place
WOW! Lots, and I mean LOTS! of great material here
for all the throws of parenting including Homeschooling

FUN - Family Unschooling Network
info, support, message board, links, etc.
Michael's Home Education Page
Cyberspace Educational Resources
Curricula and Levels of Performance
From World Book Educators Guide - listings by grade level -
quite helpful in assessing where you are and what standards are "normal"

Terry's Hawaiian Homeschool Hangout
- Virtual tour of Hawaii, Homeschool "Why"s, suggested reading, and more
Eclectic Homeschool Online
- complete homeschool magazine for creative homeschoolers.
With features, reviews, topical weblink index, bookstore, departments with articles
and resources for all academic areas, homeschool advice column, and much more.

Dollar Stretcher
Homeschoolers' tactics for saving $$$ on HS resources
Home School Dad
a site dedicated to educational adventures for dads and kids
Puzzle Depot
crossword puzzle generator
WOW! Lots of good stuff !!
Community Learning Network
- integrating technology into the classroom
CIA Kids Page
Scholastic Place
White House for Kids
Foreign Languages for Travelers
Valder Learning Systems
Great Reading & Math Info & Used Books
Discovery Online
Education for Peace
World Peace 2000 Club
Kids 4 Peace

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