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Languages of the World


.. You can read a lot of really great literature in the language the writer used.
.. You can impress the guys at your favorite Mexican Restaurant by ordering accurately.
.. You can talk to your friends across the room in sign language without looking like a comedy routine.
.. If you chance to meet a really cute exchange student in the grocery store you can do more than shyly grunt, "uh...Hi!".
.. You can get a great job as a translator for some big business that will send you all over the world.
.. You'll be able to grimace too the next time you hear someone pretending they're fluent in French.
.. The neighbors from Poland will be more likely to trust you to babysit their kids.
.. You won't get ripped off by that sly clerk at the gas station again.
.. It's FUN! It's hard work too, but it *is* fun!


Exploratorium Magazine Where do Languages Come From?
Alta Vista Translation on-line translation to and from English and several other major languages.


ASL Finger Spelling
GG Wiz's FingerSpeller Now *this* is fun!
Boggle for Fingerspelling! Yargh! Practice, practice, practice...
Serious Signing Software looks good, and is affordable
The Animated American Sign Language Dictionary
The American Sign Language Browser
ASL and Deaf Culture


FreeENGLISH.com Free online games, plus other resourses and tools to make English lessons fun and effective.
eslgames.com English as a Second Language
Linguistic Funland Resources for teachers and students of English
Clonlara's Online ESL Course


French Online Language Resources
Search BarnesandNoble.com for learning French


German Online Language Resources
German for Travelers
German for Beginners
Search BarnesandNoble.com for elementary German


C.J. Cherryh's "Latin the Easy Way" My favorite Sci-Fi writer used to teach Latin, and you'll learn more in ten minutes with her free short course than in years of "traditional" Latin classes! I love people who think outside the 'norm'!
Aspergonem! A Latin Splash Page - Participate in online Latin study!
Search BarnesandNoble.com for elementary Latin


Spanish Online Language Resources
WebSpanõl Spanish Language Resources on-line
Search BarnesandNoble.com for elementary Spanish


Italian Online Language Resources
NEW!!Swahili - Internet Living Swahili Dictionary


Unite The World! Learn a Foreign Language!
Language Dictionaries and Translators WOW!
Ethnologue - a catalogue of more than 6,700 languages spoken in 228 countries. Gives locations, dialects, distributions, related languages, usage breakdown by population, and the like - very interesting! Find out which languages you should master *before* you leave for Timbuktu.
Less Commonly Taught Languages - from CARLA - the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition - find out where courses are available, e-mail communication with expert speakers (native and other) and links to WWW sites for language and culture information


EuroTalk - CDs for learning American English, French, British English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Turkish, Hebrew, Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Welsh, Polish, Irish, Thai, Xhosa, Afrikaans, Zulu or Latin!
Download.com Language Software titles available on line - English, ESL, foriegn language/English dictionaries, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and on and on and on

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