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ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder

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Read The ADD/ADHD People's Resolution as presented to the Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Youth and Families, May 30, 2000

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This is a *dis*-ability?!?!?

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A quote from a friend: "Perhaps it should be called "Attention Divergency Dilemma" or "Attention Dynamics Digression."

ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder, is a common diagnosis for many children who have trouble in the public school system. How the diagnosis is come to, and how it is dealt with are the sparks for some real fireworks. Certainly, the over-diagnosis of this "disease" is a problem, and "mis"-diagnosis has left out many who could benefit from treatment, as well as many with other problems treated ineffectively. ADD does not always travel alone, either, and the "little terror" may not turn out to be a "sweet little lamb" just because the ADD/ADHD symptoms are treated. Sometimes behavior problems are simply behavior problems, and need to be addressed as such. If you feel that ADD may be significant in your life, please see a good professional psychologist and get a true diagnosis. Self diagnosis and especially self medication can be dangerous. Medication is not always necessary, and gaining a good understanding of the condition can be of immense benefit. Many people are finding that removing the child from the school system and allowing them to pursue their education in the freedom and loving atmosphere of their own home can be very helpful. Sitting for hours and studying assigned topics that don't grab our interest is almost torture, so having permission to stand up and change focus when we need to is a real stress reliever.

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First, let me say that, as an adult with ADD, I find it very hard to see this uniqueness we have as a true disability. In the first place, it is hardly a deficit of attention, but more of an overabundance of it. The problem is actually more with the inability to avoid distraction - to ignore the many things that demand our attention while we are trying to focus on one. This is particularly troublsome in the classroom setting, where any disruption is met with stern condemnation, or else becomes too much accepted, leading to the child being ignored. Second, although some of the traits (such as hyper-activity) that can accompany ADD can be troublesome, especially in the schoolroom, and may even require medication to offset the chemical imbalances, I believe most of the differences/difficulties faced with ADD are simply differences in viewpoint. I don't mean opinion, but the basic way we look at the world. I tend to subscribe to the idea that we are "Hunters in a Farmer's World"*. While others are good at organization and maintaining routine (and sitting still in desks), seeing to it that those things that must be done get done, seeing to the details of the everyday needs, we notice details that they may not, see ways to combine things in new ways, find new uses for old things, think of new ways to get through old difficulties, etc., etc. We are complements to each other.

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ADDs tend to be very intelligent, creative, inventive and ...well...flakey, forgetful, distracted, and seemingly very disorganized. We may have a dozen different wonderful projects underway, but get distracted so easily that they usually remain unfinished. We invariably forget to do assignments til the last minute, leave important things at home, and are notorious for losing our keys. We are great "idea" people, but somehow can't seem to maintain the routine necessary to get through the dull work to the exciting end-product. We do not fare very well in repetative tasks, and get bored quickly. We would rather work on something that is seemingly impossible to accomplish, and can get absolutely lost in our work when we are truly interested (but getting through a day at school can be an indomitable challenge). If you have seen the movie "Apollo 13", remember the part where they had to come up with a way to build a replacement air filtration system utilizing only the expendable parts on the craft? That is where we would excell. I remember turning to my friend who was with me in the theater and saying, with great glee, "There, see? I could have done that!" Unfortunately, nowhere in my public school history had anyone seen fit to recognize my abilities with anything other than dissapointment in my "not working to capacity". (Sigh) Needless to say, the basic set up of the public school system is not ADD friendly, even with "gifted" programs, and many people suffer a great deal from the square peg in a round hole method of dealing (or not) with the situation. Is it any wonder that homeschooling ranks are swelling?
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When we look at children who do, learn or see things differently, we have long make the mistake of viewing them as 'less than able', 'sub', or 'ab'-normal, when in fact, it is we adults who usually do not fully understand how they learn or how to work with them in a more helpful, effective way - the disability is ours, and it can be overcome. Not all children can, or even should, follow the same patterns. That doesn't mean they cannot contribute. 'Dis'-abilities are different abilities.
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The traits associated with ADD are considered to be hereditary. I can look back at my heritage and see just where they come from. I prefer to look at these as attributes with a positive connotation. The talents we have are worth far more than any difficulty we may have in fitting the "norm". I pride myself on being an individual. It took me a long time to come to that conclusion, through low self worth, self abusive behaviors and choices, many different relationships, many, many different jobs (resulting in a vast wealth of experience, I might add) and years of trying to figure out why I could not seem to function up to expectations. The reason, of course, was that the expectations were someone else's. When I finally realized this, I was more able to practice my strengths, and set up saftey nets for my weaknesses. The tendancies are still there, and powerful, but I know where I stand now. I am in control. I still have piles of things everywhere, and cannot remember someone's name till I have met them six times, but I know who I am and that I have a lot to give. Much of an improvement over 15 -20 years ago.

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Now, I face children with these same traits. There's that heredity thing again. At least I have a better understanding of what they are experiencing. I know how to help them. I know that they will do much better schooling at home than in the public school system.

To learn more about how and why we choose to let our children get their education from their own home base, visit the main page: HomeSchool Help at Sassafrass Grove.

Common symptoms of ADD:
(NOTE: many of these are also common to giftedness - think about it!)

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