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HELP! My Kids Just Play!

HELP! My Kids Just Play!

O.K...Sit down a minute and let's talk...there...cup of tea? I've been there too.

Sometimes when you are trying to do relaxed schooling, you feel like the kids are taking advantage of you, and no learning is going on. Short of getting tied up in a rigid schedule or going fully into 'un'schooling, you can pull the reigns in without choking them.

First, we established a rule that the schoolwork gets done (!) - no play time, computer games (unless actually educational), no TV or movies (again, unless actually educational), no going off to someone's house, etc. until some appreciable amount of learning and practice is done, as well as regular chores.

They can choose what they would like to study, and they are surrounded with books, educational computer games, educational tapes, educational board games, etc., etc., they can usually find something that will fill the bill for their enjoyment and the required growth of mind, body and spirit.

We have also set up an "routine" (I use the term loosely, fluctuates) of math practice, spelling practice, geography study, etc., that follows a flexible least 3 or 4 days a week. That way I know they are making progress, and can keep an eye on weeknesses, and they don't feel too put upon, because it is "just practice", not testing.

I give them assignments occaisionally for specific things, and we play math or word games in the car whenever we go anywhere.

So the kids are immersed in learning, but not tied into a rigid schedule. (And, you'll have something to show your mother-in-law when she starts to vibrate.)


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