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What If I Go Back To Work??

O.K...Sit down a minute and let's talk...there...tea? Or, better yet...Got milk?...cause these can be some tough cookies to swallow...LOL

About two years ago, I had the opportunity to work one day a week with a friend in her ad agency...keep my feet in the industry, keep up on trends and tools, have adult interaction other than DH (not that he's not wonderful!)...things I wanted very much, not to mention a little pocket money to do with as I chose, and I took it. Within a year, it had worked into 2 1/2 days, and though I loved the job, I was beginning to see the impact on my kids, but I felt I needed to work. I wanted to be doing my art.

Then, this past summer, my health took a major dive and I ended up looking in death's door and getting intimately acquainted with the neuro-surgery ward, and although it had nothing to do with my vision, my eyes are much wider open now...the results of that encounter are nothing short of miraculous, and I am in constant awe that life can change so suddenly and drastically.

After my three month recovery period, I was planning to return to the job, but I have changed my mind. During this time, my kids and I were able to re-establish our schooling in a more productive and comfortable way, and I saw how much I had been missing and knew how much I wanted to spend whatever time I have (now a much better bet that it will be a long time) doing the most important creative work I will ever be able to give the world - my kids!

My friend fully understood. She had lost her homeschooled son to a farm accident several years ago, and, I dare say, would trade any amount of business success for a little time to spend with him.


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