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HELP! My Husband Doesn't Agree!

HELP! My Husband Doesn't Agree!

Oh-oh... here, have a chair...and a cup of tea.

If your husband has objections, maybe he could benefit from a visit to some of the discussion boards. You may want to collect a series of posts for him to read that cover some of the aspects you think are important. He may want to consider the contrast between a depressed teen barely getting through school, and a child who is free to pursue his or her own interests from home (provided, of course, those interests aren't hacking other people's computers and bank fraud, (snort)). Have him read the Homeschool Teens and Socialization page here. The Socialization and Homeschool Commentary pages may be of help too. I hope he can see his way clear to sanction your effort. It will be hard for you all if he sees it as a bad thing.

Maybe you can talk with him about what his actual objection is. Did he have a great experience in school? If so, did he see that any other kids did not? Does he see any trouble your child may be having, or may be likely to have? Does he think that kids should just learn to 'tough it out' and fit the norm instead of be allowed to have their own views? Does he feel that if *he* got through it, his kid can too? Does he trust you to do what you set out to do? These are important questions, and at least a tolerance for each others' views is a necessity here, or you will be in battle for a long time. That would be to the detriment of your child and their education, whether at home or not, and could be hard on a marriage. On the other hand, the understanding you *can* gain from such discussion can make all your lives better.


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