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HELP! My Kid's Not Motivated!

My Kid's Not Motivated!

O.K...Have a seat there...cup of tea? Yeah, we've been there too.

Sometimes kids just can't seem to muster interest in what we consider educational, or just don't want what we think they do (or 'should'). We don't have to force them into all the available extra-curricular activities to give them a push.

The technique of brainstorming is based on 'there is no bad idea' ... have them work together, or with you, or even individually, to make a list of twenty (or more) things they would like to do, now or later in life,...tell them to include even their wild fantasies - don't dis-allow anything, and avoid the urge to judge ... then, using this list, make a trip to the local library and load up on anything remotely pertinent - how to books, videos, fiction, biographies of those who are/have been the doers of whatever it is that sparks their interests... don't require book reports or the like, just let them absorb the info, and encourage their efforts, even the small ones, to pursue them. See if they don't find something interesting to work on.

Maybe they like to spend hours on the net, and enjoy baking brownines, but could care less about studying math or science. Perhaps they could turn their on-line and cooking interests into a goodie business ... sounds like a tasty unit study - recipe choice and refinement, price comparison of necessary ingedients, practicality of double or triple batches, survey of possible market, packaging, postal costs, web-page set up, advertising techniques, and, of course, taste testing. (I'll vounteer for that last one!)


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