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McUmber/McCumber Ancestry

Airing out the dusty nooks and crannies of the family history.


Hello, I'm Sarah McUmber-House. Welcome to my genealogy page.
I am glad you stopped in. Pull up a chair, a cushion or a piece of rug, grab a cup of coffee or whatever your favorite is, and let's get acquainted. Certainly, as with any search of ancient pasts, some of the information related here may turn out to be inaccurate or not verifyably related to my direct line of ancestry. I will make every effort to update and clarify as I come into more knowledge, and invite you to contribute anything you have that seems pertinent.

Be prepared for Dolly the micro-cat to get up on your shoulder. (Let me know if you're allergic):


(Special thanks go to my wonderful GrandMother-in-Law, Vera S. Harris, who got me started again, and my Dear Aunt Peg, who originally planted the seed of curiosity)

"Never put off until 'tomorrow' the love (and genealogical knowledge) that you can share today."

Alas, I have sad additions to make to this page. My father, Arthur Dean McUmber (b-01/11/1913), left this earthly existence in the morning hours of the 23rd of January, 2002. I prefer to look at this as a blessing, in that he did not live to see his eldest son pass before him. I will quote my Aunt Peg, who had the following words put on the tombstone of her own father - "He did his best."

That same January day we learned that my brother, Stuart Arnold McUmber (b-03/12/1944) was beyond all medical help for a malignant brain tumor that fell flaming into our lives in mid-July of 2001. Stuey left this world on the afternoon of the 6th of April, 2002, surrounded by loved ones. We had the distinct honor of caring for him in our home during the last 10 months of his life, and continue to enjoy the brief glimpses we get of him through our mutual love of winged beasties. His words will stay with us - "There is a sweetness at the closing of life's circle. That sweetness is Love." This eloquent statement came whispered in the midst of the frustrating flow of gibberish that the tumor's interferrance had made of Stuart's efforts to talk with us. He was a man of words, and the theft of speech hit him very hard. The beauty of that quote is all the more precious.
He is very much missed.

McUMBER/McCUMBER FAMILY HISTORY (both spellings appear in the records)(incidental - related spellings may include: McCOMBAR, McCOMBER, McCOMBOR, McCUMBAR, McCUMBOR, McOMBER, McNUMBER, McUMBRE, McOMBRE, McOMB, McCOMBS, MacOBER, MacUMBER, MacCOMBAR, MacCOMBER, MacCOMBOR, MacCUMBAR, MacCUMBER, MacCUMBOR, MacOMBER, MECOMBER, MacCOMBICH, and assorted other variations on the theme...8^)



Current knowledge centers the family in the New York, USA area back in the early 1800s. I have nothing definite past that, ....yet.

According to the 1850 census of Monroe County, N.Y., in the town of Pennfield, 23 July 1850:

McUMBER, Philander - aged 37 - male - laborer - born: N.Y - 1813
" Rowena - 38 - female - - b: N.Y - 1812
" Ruth - 15 - f - - b: N.Y. - 1835
" Lucinda - 12 - f - - b: N.Y. - 1838
" Ladica - 10 - f - - b: N.Y. - 1840
" Andrew - 9 - m - - b: N.Y. - 1841
" William - 8 - m - - b: N.Y. - 1842
" James - 4 - m - - b: N.Y. - 1846
" Anna - 2 - f - - b: N.Y. - 1848

At the same location:

McUMBER, Lyman - 36 - m - laborer - b: N.Y. 1814
" Tryphena - 31 - f - - b: N.Y. - 1819
" Horrace - 12 - m - - b: N.Y. - 1838
" Mary - 10 - f - - b: N.Y. - 1840
" Alvina - 8 - f - - b: N.Y. - 1842
" Lyman (Jr.?) - 6 - m - - b: N.Y. - 1844
" Jerame (Jerome?) - 4 - m - - b: N.Y. - 1846
" Freeman - m - 3 - - b: N.Y. - 1847
" Harriet - f - 10 months - - b: N.Y. - 1850

It appears that Philander and Lyman (Sr.?) were brothers.

In the 1900 census of Monroe County, N.Y., in the town of Webster:

McUMBER, Freeman - H.W.M. - b: N.Y. Jan. 1846 - age 54 - had been married 33 years, could read, write and speak English - Owned/Mortgaged farm

McCUMBER, Hannah L. - wife of Freeman, W.F. - b: N.Y. July 1846 - aged 53 - had had 4 children, 3 living in 1900, could read, write and spell English. Married ca 1867

[McCUMBER, Egbert - W.M. - son of Freeman - b: N.Y. (believed to be brother to Arthur Egbert) - ]

[McCUMBER, Leon - W.M. - son of Freeman - b: N.Y. (believed to be brother to Arthur Egbert) - ]

McCUMBER, Arthur E. - W.M. - son of Freeman - b: N.Y. June 1884 - aged 16 - (addendum - d: 1963 in Farmington, N.M.)

Same location, near Pennfield:
McCUMBER, Lyman - H.W.M. - b: N.Y. Jan 1870 - aged 30 - married 7 years - can read, write and spell English, rents farm

McCUMBER, Katherine, wife of Lyman, W.F. - b: N.Y. April 1869 - had 2 children, both living in 1900, can read write and spell English - both parents born in Germany.

McCUMBER, Jessie May, W.F. - b: N.Y. Aug. 1894 - aged 6 -

McCUMBER, Julia - W.F. - b: N.Y. Feb. 1897 - aged 3 -


My grandfather was :
McUMBER, Arthur Egbert [married to WARREN, Martha Emma]

son of: McUMBER, Freeman [+ Hannah L (?) ]

[Freeman lived with son Leon for a time - "there is a story about getting his feet rubbed" - He died at about age 71 (1917?) from stomach cancer] son of: McCUMBER, Lyman [+ Tryphena (?)]

WARREN, Martha "Mattie" Emma b: Oct 24, 1886, Pennsylvania [married first to George CUMMINGS on December 24, 1902, in Waterloo, NY and had one child, Nava. She then married Arthur Egbert McUMBER they had one child, Dean.]

WARREN, Alonzo S. (son of Hiram and Mary HART WARREN) born on June 28, 1844, in Charleston, Tioga County, PA. On April 14, 1865,
he and Sarah A. GIBBS were married by the Rev. P. Reynolds. They had five children: two boys and three girls: Sherman L., Thomas F., Nava E., Margaret Lena, and Martha E.

GIBBS, Sarah was born in March 1846(7) and [married April 14, 1865 to Alonzo WARREN] died March 13, 1922. Sarah is buried in the Middlebury Union Cemetery, Keeneyville, PA.


INCIDENTAL INFORMATION: (aka, info with little verifiable detail, or, my own humble opinion 8^)

1. It has come to my attention that some relatives, possibly SHERMANs, were living in Seneca Falls, N.Y. in the early fifties. The only clue I have is the first name of "Lee" (I do not know whether it is a woman's name or a man's).

2. One member of that family may have been my father's cousin who lived in Florida (named Nora SHERMAN DAY

3. Highly functional brains seem to be a common trait, though common sense and sociability, (as well as good spelling) may be less readily noted. 8^) Arthur Dean graduated highschool at the age of 15. (His half-sister, Neva CUMMINGS (d.1999,NY), schooled him herself to a great degree while practicing to be a school teacher.) He was "out on his own" at the age of 13

4. There is some reason to believe that there is a troubled time related to the late 19th and early 20th century that family members have been reluctant to reveal. Lips seem to be sealed in the generation of my grandparents.

5. Longevity seems to be a trait, with most of the recent family members living well into their 70s, 80s and up into the 90s. I certainly hope it's a strong gene!

6. There is quite a line of McCumbers in the Ontario, Canada area.


Kevin McCumber of Marietta, GA (originally from Western NY) submitted the following (we will continue to try to verify any connections):

"Two brothers, John and William Macomber, who emigrated to Plymouth in the 1630's account for many of the Americans and Canadians with the surnames Macomber, McCumber, McComber, Mayumber, Maycumber, McOmber, and McUmber.

Records suggest that John Macomber, who settled in Taunton, MA pronounced his name more like Maycumber. More of his descendants still use Macomber, but also Mayumber and Maycumber.

William Macomber, who settled in Marshfield, MA, emphasized the "mac" in the name. More of his descendants fall into the McCumber, McComber, McOmber, and McUmber categories.

A genealogist names Everett Stackpole wrote the "Macomber Genealogy" about 1908. It was published by the Journal Press of Lewiston, Maine. The 250 page book references people by name and I did find various Arthurs and the occasional Egbert, Lyman, and Philander, but none that matched the dates you list. A number of branches left Mass. in the late 1700's, some for Dutchess County, New York. One of these, Archer Macomber (b.1751) had a number of sons. One son, Zebedee (1785-1875) of Washington, N.Y. had a son named Egbert (1808-1888). That puts the less common name and the state together. The book is not referenced by location. I'll see if I can find any references to Webster. (Archer was my gggg grandfather's brother)."


MCCUMBER is of British, Scottish and/or Irish origin

The history of this ancient Perthshire family traces its ancestry as a family of Pictish origin before the year 1100 and appears first in the ancient records in Perthshire .


Clan - Stewart

Crest Badge:A pelican argent winged or feeding its young proper.
.Motto:Virescit vulnere virtus. (Courage grows strong at a wound).Gaelic Name:Stiubhard.

Sept Names: Cook, Crookshanks, Cruickshanks, Dullach, France, Garrow, Gray, Lennox*, MacCamie, MacCaw, MacCombich, Macglashan, Mackinlay*, MacKirdy*, Maclay*, MacLea, Macleay, MacLewis, MacMichael, MacMunn, Menteith, Monteith, Munn

The Stewarts descend from the son of an Anglo-Norman Baron, called Walter, who arrived in Scotland in the 12th century and was made High Steward of the Royal Household by David I. With this honour, he also received many lands, in Renfrew, Paisley, Pollok, Cathcart and others. The role of High Steward was made hereditary by Malcolm IV.

The 5th Steward, James supported William the Wallace and Robert the Bruce, and the 6th High Steward married the daughter of Robert the Bruce, thus the Royal House of Stewart came into being. This Royal line ended in 1807 with the death of Prince Henry.

Many other noble and great families have originated from this line, and Stewarts have held many titles, including, the dukedoms of Albany, Rothesay, and Lennox, the marquessate of Bute and the earldoms of Menteith, Angus, Atholl, Strathearn, Carrick, Buchan and Galloway, with many other lands throughout Scotland.

The Royal Stewart tartan is the one worn by Her Majesty the Queen.

See the Skye's Scottish History Timeline for a remarkable journey through Scotts history.


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