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Can My Kid Go to College?

O.K...Sit down a minute...there...cup of tea? I've been thinking about that too.

There are many ways to get to college, and homeschoolers have certainly blazed some new trails. Including Unschooling College. Depending on the homeschooling style you choose, there are several options.

Those who use an umbrella school, such as Clonlara, will have transcripts to show, just as if they had attended a public or private school.

Some folks opt for testing, including the SAT, etc., and portfolios that document the students activities and progress for the admissions office to see.

Some homeschoolers actually go directly into community colleges, often at younger ages than typical students, and advance from there with good success. Admissions requirements to the junior colleges or community colleges are usually less stringent, and allow the student to amass experience and grades that are compelling evidence for eventual admission to a full four year college or university.

And, yes, homeschoolers have even gotten scholarships!

If your child really wants to continue their education, there is certainly no reason they cannot.


Homeschool Friendly Colleges

Home-schooled Students & College Admission
brief description of extra admission steps and links to College Board services and programs to help home schooled students plan for and apply to college

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Notes on playing "The How's College Game", from a college level unschooler

Colleges That Have Admitted Homeschoolers
an extensive list that should ease some of your fears about ever getting your homeschooled kids into college - from Karl Bundy's "School is Dead! Learn in Freedom" site.

Homeschool - Teens - College
support for homeschooling ages 11-18 - from Cafi Cohen, author of And What About College


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