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Rap Newz: NEWZ: Bone Thugs In Harmony are offically off of Ruthless Records. After years of publically announced problems they have opted out of their newly signed contract and are reportedly in talks with 3 labels to distribute their next CD.// The SOURCE magazine is Wack! After Eminem attacked "the sell out mag"(which has recently become more of a fashion publication than hiphop) in his underground song "the Sauce". The source decided to dedicated this next issue to discrediting Eminem's life and music, Unfortantly they go too far to the point where they hype up Benzino. Sorry Source, face it, YOU HAVE LOST ALL STREET CREDABILTY.// Vita Has been droped from the Murder Inc Label. This is after she completed 20+ tracks for her self titled Lp which was suppose to drop this spring//

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Royce The 5'9'

"Niggaz quick to talk, all hood 'til I pop up Plus, you just act tough cause Suge got locked up I am above y'all, when you droppin your raps to diss meI only recognize the top of your hats And I don't like Proof punk-ass, he think he tough He keep thirty niggaz with him, cause he weak as fuck! I ever catch you by yourself, I'ma fuck you up Snatch your little cheap-ass chain and piece you up You better hope you and the white boy keep in touch And be a good little hype man or your lease is up Since Slim signed 50/ I don't see your teeth as much That's good, cause you got a grill like a fuckin truck! DAMN HOMIE, it's history, over, hang it up Go somewhere and hang up some 50 posters, You speak too late, y'all prolly gon' go up to them awards and get yo' ass whooped by B2K I just wish Eminem would stop tellin' everybody he ain't speakin' to me Like I'm one of his hoes or somethin' How 'bout this, I ain't speakin to you, chump And I'ma keep pickin on your weak ass crew You, BITCH, Bizarre you a fat stutterin fuck You a joke, I choke whoever buttered you up I've been ridin by your house, you don't come out too much You hidin, when I find you I'ma snatch you out of that truck and tie your fat stankin ass to your couch and just FEED YOU, you already look like you about to bust Nigga you can run or hide; I'll be on your porch with a cheeseburger tryin to lure you outside! 'Cause he's in it, Bizarre say G-g-g-g-g-g-unit I bet you throw some extra "g's" in it Just like a stutterin' fool can't you tell it He sweats when he raps, cuz he got a speach impediment You, BITCH, Porky's pig and Porky's tomb About to dig his own grave with a fork and spoon You, BITCH, Denaun and Swifty please Give it in, both y'all be wreckin' 50's lease What do I know, that other nigga y'all got in your group I don't even know his name, but he can shovel my snow You, BITCH, let's face it I gave it to y'all My lil' sister got six puppies that's braver than y'all (barking sounds) Niggaz is startin' the beef I'm 'bout to end with the quickness I'm 'bout to end this quicker than Bizarre can finish a biscuit Quicker than quick shit, y'all ain't felt the half Quicker than Eminem can pinch Elton's ass Don't call me, I ain't ready to squash it yet, kiss my ASS I don't wanna talk to Hex, I am so sick I should be compared to cancer Y'all thought y'all dudes don't swing like Fred G.? Sanford I be makin' motherfuckers crash they heads when I rhyme Y'all lil' niggaz crack ya heads then rhyme, go play; you lil punk ass niggaz, y'all can scream and yell all you want I feel like I'm battlin' Keenan & Kel You, BITCH, none o' y'all can put in the card to kill Paul better call me, like he called Benzino Matter o' fact, I might even do a song with Ray Sign with Murder Inc. and hit you with a song again"

Royce the 5'9, from the song "Malcom X", From his latest UNDERGROUND album "Build and Destroy" © Copywrited By GraytideE 2000 - 2003 © . .