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I AM IN PROGRESS OFF MAKING CHANGES FOR THE BETTER. PLEASE ADD YOUR NAME. THIS PAGE WON'T STAY THIS WAY FOR LONG. I have talk to several women who have said "it's hard to find women for e-mail friendship only." So I have decided to create this basic webpage to start a penpal exchange. This will NOT be like any other personals. First, I wish I could create those fancy pages. I can not and I won't pretend I can. So how do you find penpals? Well sign the guestbook and in the comments area please describe yourself and what kind of penpal you are looking for. Then when people read it and if they want to reply they will. I can't guarantee anything! I wish. Please pass this webpage on to all of your friends that are looking for penpals. Together we can make this grow. If you have any tips or suggestions please send to the e-mail address below. This page is subject to change with my growing knowledge. Thank you for your time. I'm not responsible for bad expriences. Please report any that you might have had. Hi at this point I'm not able to run this. But Trece has agreed to do this till I get better. I don't know when it will be. So feel free to contact Trece at if you have any problems. Thank you.

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