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Heroes Unlimited Page

Welcome to the Mutant's Refuge. Here you will find:

4/3/98 - Check out the Science Fiction RPG Webring. It's new and I'm sure they are looking for more RPG sites. I am going to update soon. Please if you have any Ideas, comments, or complaints, send them to

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Heroes Unlimited Page
One of the best Heroes Unlimited Page out there.

Heroes Unlimited Powers by Spiral
Lots of new Super Powers.

Unofficial Heroes Unlimited RPG page
Some original stuff, but needs work.

Breezer's Ulitimate RPG Web Site
Stuff on Heroes Unlimited, Rifts, and Nightspawn.

The Palladium Megaverse
The Official Palladium Page

The unofficial Palladium RPG Page
Excellent page with HU and Rifts stuff. Check out the stuff on D8

Thunder Strike
Lots of stuff, but mostly rifts.

Section 7
Nice page, but mostly rifts.

Super Hero
Links to Super Hero RPG pages

Palladium Unlimited
Heroes Unlimited and Rifts stuff

Palladium Details
Indepth look at most of the books published by Palladium.

Traps and Adventure Ideas
Tons and tons of traps to terrorize your heroes.

Super Heroes Hall of Fame
Character bios of super heroes from marvel, DC and other comics

The Grey Labyrinth
A page of puzzles that might be useful for Heroes Unlimited

My game programming page
Under Construction

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