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Monster Pete and the Chiefs!

Background Change

UP UP UPdate...

Monster Pete adn the Chiefs have destroyed evil again with thier new album "Too ZuLu"

Available only from Pete himself. email him after listening ot the soundclip on the Too ZuLu page. Be sucked in by the propaganda and email Pete for ordering information

...for those who are into the vintage years catch Monster Pete and the Chiefs debut album SERPENTINE! at fine stires such as...

Tower Records on Bascom Ave.
Radio Free Records in Campbell
and CD Land in good old Palo Alto

Be patient my children! the members of MP are getting an education, catch them over spring break and summer 2000!!! ZuLu and more coming in your face this summer!

Monster Pete and The Chiefs... a band from streets of the South Bay Area, CA. Comprised of just teenagers, Monster Pete is slowly taking over the world. Equipped only with their instruments, dozens of die hard followers, and orange zen jumpsuits they go from city to city spreading their teenage surf / instro insanity. Watch out, you might be next. Contact monster pete if you would like to sign up.


check the tourdates for a full review of the "Pocketful of Napalm tour 99" straight from pete...


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