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Soldier Books

Soldier Books is the book publishing branch of No Limit Records. Soldier Books is also the #1 independent publishing company in America.Kane & Abel are the CEO's of Soldier Books. You might not have heard much about Soldier Books in the past, but in the near future they will be blowin up with a lot of new books and other things. They made their debut with the book "Behind Enemy Lines/ Eyes Of A Killa" by Kane & Abel, and ever since have been goin great. The book sold very well, and Kane&Abel have plans to release another book soon. Here are SOME of the book and magazine covers that are sponsered by Soldier Books-

To purchase no limit books, please visit our No Limit Party Store.

FUTURE PROJECTS: As you may have seen in the covers above, Tank World Magazine, No Limit's new magazine, will also be sponsered by Soldier Books. A book by Master P, entitled Tears Of A Clown, will as well be published by Soldier Books. If any otha books or magazines will be published by SB, I will let you know..