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No Limit Toys

No Limit Toys is No limit's new toy company. It has just been started, and hasn't made but a few releases. But in the near future, No Limit Toys will be making itself known with releases like the talking soldier dolls and No Limit Video Games. No Limit Toys has already become known to some after the hit release of the "Master P talking doll." The doll was released Christmas 1998 and was a sell out. Below are some pictures of the doll. The video game that is being planned is being made for the Playstation game console and is currently in the finishing stages. It should be out in the next few months. Also, some soldier dolls such as Mia X, Snoop, and Silkk dolls are planned to be released sometime soon. Other products soon to be released by NL Toys are a remote controlled tank, soldier action figures, and more! These toys will be available in toy stores all over the country very soon! If you know of anywhere to purchase the toys, please email me.

Here are some pics of the toys released by No Limit Toys so far.. There will be more with the new releases!