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No Limit Sports Management (NLSM) is a branch of No Limit that deals with sports agency for athletes of all sports. They take care of contract and endorsement negotiations and make sure the athlete is taken care of. Most of the athletes under the negotiation of No Limit Sports Management right now are players in the NBA and CBA, but recently they added NFL star running back Ricky Williams. Also, most of the athletes come from less forunate and underpriveleged childhoods in the ghetto. This way NLSM can in a way understand their past and problems and help them strive for the future

Meet Chief Operating Officer(COO) of No Limit Sports Management, Mr.Tevester Scott. Mr. Scott takes care of all of the day to day financial arrangements. As part of this task, he oversees all contractual arrangements and sponsorship packages for their clients. Basically, he makes sure the clients are happy. Because some of the clients are quite young, he makes sure to sit down with them and counsel them about how to manage their money. The key goal is to set up for the rest of their lives, because after their sports career is over, there has to be somethin else- some kind of business and career oppurtunities outside of sports. For a full description and write up on Mr.Tevester Scott and also much more on No Limit Sports Management, click on his picture above, or Click here. I recommend you to read this article, it tells a lot about NLSM and its clients.

No Limit Sports Management and its clients have been featured many times on television, magazines, and other articles recently. Even ESPN's SPORTSCENTER got in on the action during a recent interview they had with Master P and Tevester Scott. Master P, usually known as Percy Miller, told ESPN how No Limit Sports Management is different from other agencies, because he can relate to the players more and help them in more than just sports. He plays basketball, his clients play basketball- therefore he can relate to them more. Also P stated that his clients may want to expand their horizons to music, acting, clothing, or other things, and he can help them do that. Look for NLSM to be signing many other athletes, especially basketball players, in the next year.

Also joining in on the interviews of NLSM clients is On The Sneak Tip Magazine, an online Hip-Hop Magazine. They recently interviewed two of NLSM's top clients- Ron Mercer and Derek Anderson. These athletes were two of the first members of the NLSM team, and are a very essential part of their success. To check out Ron Mercer's interview Click Here, and to peep the article on Derek Anderson Click Here.

Currently, Master P and NLSM have many ambitions for the future. After they added star running back Ricky Williams to their roster of athletes, they'd like to pick up more clients from the NFL. Also, Master P is involved in WCW wrestling, which is another sport with potential for NLSM. Besides wrestling and sports management, P would also like to fulfill his ultimate dream, becoming a pro basketball player.

Below are some of the athletes or "clients" that belong to No Limit Sports Management. Click on their name or picture to view some information about them and what No Limit Sports Management can do for them.


Sam Casselle (NBA)
Ron Mercer (NBA)
Derek Anderson (NBA)
Isaiah Rider (NBA)
Brian Shaw (NBA)
Ricky Williams (NFL)

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