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No Limit Gear

No Limit Gear is No Limit's new clothing line that just came out in stores nationwide on December 1st, 1998. It has clothing straight from the soldiers. There are many different clothing items to choose from, including hats, shirts, jerseys, collared shirts, jeans, pants, skullies, jackets, and even shoes. This gear is fairly hard to find, but more and more places are starting to carry it. If you are interested in buying No limit Gear and other no limit products, visit the No Limit Party Store.

Part of the NL Gear has been available thru mail order for a while, but now it will be released and very available in hip-hop clothing stores all over the country. And also, with the new clothing line out, there will be alot more styles and clothes to choose from, rather than the basic mail order clothes. I will keep you updated on any other news i hear about new NL clothes out or any other news about NL Gear. If you have any info about NL Gear not on this page please email me. Here are some of the adds for nl gear and part of the clothing line, as well as NL Shoes.

No Limit and Converse have aready released "The Converse Smooth" and have made another deal and haved released their new shoe, The Allstar MP, which is in stores now. This shoe will be endorsed by Master P himself and comes with a free CD. There are pictures of both the "Converse Smooth" and "Converse Allstar MP" below.