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No Limit Films is no limit's film producing and making company. It is headed by top no limit executives, and Master P is also involved in the executive process. A lot of the No Limit Soldiers such as Master P, Silkk, Mystikal, and many others contribute to the acting part of the movies, while others participate behind the cameras. No Limit films is blowin up in the future, with releases like "No Tomorrow" and "I Got the Hook up 2!". So be sure to look out for its new releases. To see all of the release dates for upcoming NL films Click Here. Also, to purchase No Limit Films products, visit the No Limit Party Store...

No Limit Films made its big start with the film entitled "I'm Bout It". This film featured Master P as an actor, and was about life on the streets. They also made a soundtrack for that movie that went multi-platinum.

Another movie made by No Limit Films was "I Got The Hook Up". This movie featured Master P, Mystikal, and a few comedians as cell-phone hook ups. They sold cell phones but then got in trouble when the lines ran together. This movie is very funny and I recommend you seeing it. LOOK OUT FOR THE SEQUAL w/ Master P and Kane&Abel Comin in 99!!

It was another straight hit when MP released "Foolish," a movie featuring himself and Eddie Griffin as his little comedian brother. This movie was excellent in theatres and is out on video now as well.

Currently, Master P is on the set filming another movie called "No Tomorrow" which should be released in mid or late '99. I'm sure it'll be another straight hit for No Limit Films!
These are some pics of covers of movies they have made and also still pictures from the movies. Will have more up when they get in!!

Here are some Still frames from the movies..



I Got The Hook Up 2!
Cover Soon!