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Tensho was created by Chojun Miyagi. It means "revolving hands". It is a combination of hard dynamic tension with deep breathing and soft flowing hand movements, concentrating strength in the Tanden, and is very characteristic of the Goju Ryu style.

It begins by stepping into right Sanchin Dachi while breathing in deeply with both hands crossing in front of the solar plexus into Chudan Yoko Uke, breathing out as you are finishing the arm movements. Then, while breathing in, pull the left hand back into the chambered position, and then exhale strongly in one breath. With the right hand, all the while keeping the rest of the body held firm with dynamic tension, perform Chudan Hiki Uke and Chudan Ushiro Kake Uke, breathing in smoothly and deeply.

Next, perform Jodan Shotei Oshi, breathing out forcefully as you straighten the elbow, and then turn the wrist inward and pull it back as if blocking in Kake Uke while breathing in slowly. Then, slowly push down with a Gedan Shotei Oshi, breathing out forcefully, followed by raising the wrist into Chudan Ko Uke while inhaling and then exhaling forcefully with a Chudan Shotei Otoshi Uke. Then, move your hand to the right performing a Chudan Yoko Ko Uke while inhaling and back to the middle with Chudan Uchi Shotei Uke while exhaling. Next, you step into left Sanchin Dachi and execute left Chudan Yoko Uke while inhaling, chambering your right hand, and exhale forcefully. You then repeat the same hand movements with the left hand, followed by stepping into right Sanchin Dachi and performing all the same movements, but using both hands without chambering the opposite hand.

Stepping back into left Sanchin Dachi, inhale as you execute a two-handed Osae Uke, breathing out as you finish the technique. Then, step back with the left foot and perform a two-handed Sukui Uke while inhaling, and as you step back into right Sanchin Dachi, perform another two-handed Osae Uke while exhaling. Next, While stepping back with the right foot and inhaling, perform a Tora Guchi, exhailing on the push and ending up in left Sanchin Dachi, then step back and repeat the Tora Guchi sequence on the opposite side. Make several forceful exhalations to equalize your breathing. Yame.