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Sepai translates as "18 hands", and is of Chinese origin. It contains many hidden techniques designed to confuse the opponent in combat. It is said to be impossible to understand the true meaning of the techniques by simply watching them performed. It is considered a tiger kata and is a continuation of Seisan.

It begins by stepping back with the left foot into Shiko Dachi, while simultaneously moving an open left hand in a circular motion from the back, over the front of the face, and ending up at the solar plexus. The right hand then also follows a circular path over the head, ending up in a face-level Shuto position to the front.

Step forward into a left Heiko Dachi while bringing the left hand, palm up, and the right hand, palm down, together in a clasp. Step forward with the right foot into Han Zenkutsu Dachi, turning the hands over, and perform a clasped-hand punch. Next, pivot the feet into Shiko Dachi, dropping the hips and raising the right elbow into Hiji Ate while drawing the left elbow tight to the side of the body.

Shifting the weight onto the right leg, bring the left foot forward into Kokutsu Dachi (facing Shomen) while simultaneously lifting the left hand to the right shoulder. pull the right hand up and back, ending up palm down by the right shoulder, while performing a Shotei Barai with the left hand, followed by a Chudan Haishu Mawashi Osae Uke with the left hand.

Turn the hips to the left and shift the stance into left Zenkutsu Dachi while executing a right Jodan Shuto Uchi, and chamber the left hand to the side, palm forward and fingers down. Keeping the hands in position, throw a right Mae Geri, step back into Shiko Dachi, and execute a right Ushiro Hiji Ate and a left Hiji Ate, followed by a left Jodan Urakan Uchi.

Bring the right foot back into Neko Ashi Dachi, facing the rear, and perform a right Gedan Barai, Chudan Yoko Uke and Chudan Hiki Uke, while leaving the left hand in a fist, palm down, under the right elbow. Step over with the left foot, turning 180 degrees to face Shomen in right Heiko Dachi, passing the left hand, palm outward, in front of the head in a circular motion, ending up chambered in a fist, while simultaneously rotating the right hand inward in front of the chest. Then, twist the right hand outward in a fist and execute a Suihei Osae and a left Maki Age.

Pivot to the left 270 degrees, facing the right rear of Shomen, into right Heiko Dachi, while, with open hands, executing a right Gedan Furi Uchi while the left hand raises over the head in an arc and comes down on the left side into a Haishu Mawashi Uke. Next, slide the left foot with Suri Ashi , then the right, forward in a straight line into left Renoji Dachi and execute a left open hand Gedan Harai Uke and a right open hand Shotei Oshi.

Step forward with the right foot into Shiko Dachi, moving the arms up, right over left in front for a Morote Ninoji Kamae, then pull both hands back into Naka Daka Ippon Ken while eexecuting right Ashi Barai Fumikomi, and then perform a Ryoken Naka Daka Ippon Ken Gedan Tsuki. Then, step back with the right leg into an opposite Shiko Dachi and execute a left Gedan Harai Uke.

Shift the weight onto the left foot and, using Suri Ashi, slide into Renoji Dachi and repeat the same sequence as previous to the left rear of Shomen, in mirror image, ending in the same Shiko Dachi/Gedan Harai Uke combination.

Slide the right foot over using Suri Ashi into Neko Ashi Dachi facing Shomen and execute a left Chudan Yoko Uke and right Jodan Furi Tsuki combination. Again, using Suri ashi, slide the right foot forward, followed by sliding the left foot behind it into Bensoku Dachi, and perform a mirror image of the previous hand technique. Pivot 270 degrees to the left into left Heiko Dachi and execute a left Chudan Hiki Uke. Pivot to the right 90 degrees into right Heiko Dachi and execute a left Gedan Furi Uchi, chembering the right hand in a fist, immediately followed by a left Jodan Uraken Uke. Next, pivot back to the left 90 degrees into left Heiko Dachi and execute a right Chudan Yoko Uke, followed by a right Mae Geri, stepping back into Shiko Dachi, and delivering a left Ura Tsuki with the right palm chambered at the solar plexus.

Moving the left foot, slide 90 degrees to the right, and repeat the same techniques in mirror image to the opposite side.

Using Suri Ashi, slide the left foot to the rear and bring the right foot back into right Neko Ashi Dachi and assume Ninoji No Kamae. Step back with the right foot, and draw the left foot back into left Neko Ashi Dachi, circling both hands clockwise, followed by grabbing and pulling the hands back, and then followed by a Morote Mawashi Uchi with the right fist in the left palm. Yame