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Sanseru means "36 hands", and is also referred to as the dragon kata. It also focuses on fighting in all four directions.

It begins by sliding the right foot forward into Sanchin Dachi and performing Morote Chudan Yoko Uke. Pull the left hand back into chamber and throw a Chudan Seiken Tsuki, followed by a Chudan Kake Uke with the same hand. Slide the left foot forward into Sanchin Dachi and repeat with the opposite side, followed by stepping forward with the right foot and repeating the punch.

Keep the punch extended and open the right hand, turning the palm towards the front, and bring the left hand to chamber with tension. Slide the right foot to the rear into left Zenkutsu Dachi, while clasping the inside of the right arm with the laft hand and chambering the right hand strongly, as the left hand slides down to an open hand Gedan position.

Move the right foot forward into right Zenkutsu Dachi while the right hand scoops in front of the right knee, followed by a left downward palm strike over the right hand. Next, execute a left Mae Geri followed by a right Mae Geri, moving forward and keeping the hands crossed. As the foot lands into right Zenkutsu Dachi, execute a right Hiji Ate and a left Gedan Tsuki.

Maintaining the hand positions, slowly draw the right foot into chamber and throw a right Kansetsu Geri, followed with a left pivot of 180 degrees into left Sanchin Dachi with a left Chudan Yoko Uke. Repeat the Mae Geri/Hiji Ate/Gedan Tsuki combination, followed by repeating the Kansetsu Geri, and turn 90 degrees to the right and repeat the entire combination again. Next, turn 180 degrees to the left and repeat one more time, up until the Gedan Tsuki.

Shift left into Shiko Dachi and execute Gedan Kosa Uke, right hand over left,then shift the weight onto the left foot draw the right foot back into Shiko Dachi facing the opposite direction (Shomen), and repeat the Gedan Kosa Uke, this time with open hands. Shifting the weight back onto the left foot again, slide the right foot into Shiko Dachi facing the opposite direction, and perform a right open hand Jodan Age Uke with the left hand chambered open just under the right pectoral muscle. Next, draw the right foot back and then quickly out into Heiko Dachi (dragging the left foot forward to cover distance as you step) and execute a left Awase Tsuki.

Slide the right foot across into Kosa dachi and pivot 180 degrees to the left into left Sanchin Dachi, executing left Chudan Uke. Step forward into right Sanchin Dachi and repeat the block. Next, slide the left foot forward into Shiko Dachi, and repeat the Jodan Age Uke into Awase Tsuki combination. Pivot on the right foot 270 degrees into Shiko Dachi (facing Shomen) and execute Morote Ko Uke. Yame.