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Saifa means "smash and tear" and is of Chinese origin, brought back to Okinawa by Kanryo Higaonna.

It begins by clasping the right fist in the left hand while taking a large step forward with the right foot, followed by bringing the left foot into Musubi Dachi and turning the body 90 degrees to the left. Next, shift the hands from the right to the left side, step back with the left foot into Shiko Dachi, and perform a left Osae Uke and a right Jodan Uraken Uke. You then execute the same movements to the opposite (right) side, and then repeat again to the left side, ending in Shiko Dachi.

Next, slide the left foot in an arc until facing forward and, while looking to the right, shift your weight to the left foot and perform a left Chudan Sukui Uke and a right Gedan Shotei Barai simultaneously, then slide the right foot towards the left into a right Hiza Uchi, immediately followed with a right Mae Geri. Then, looking to the left, perform the same movements from the opposite side.

After the second kick, step back into right Zenkutsu Dachi and strike with Morote Heiko Tsuki, followed by Morote Gedan Uchi, in a fluid arc, then pivot on the left foot 180 degrees and repeat. Next, perform a right Ashi Barai landing in Hachiji Dachi facing 90 degrees to the right and perform a right Tettsui Uchi, followed by a right Tsukami Hiki and a left Yoko Ura Tsuki, followed by another repeat of the same techniques facing the opposite direction.

From Hachiji Dachi, pivot 90 degrees to the left and step into right Han Zenkutsu Dachi and deliver a left Jodan Gyaku Tsuki. Next, slide the left foot forward and pivot 180 degrees into right Neko Ashi Dachi and perform a swinging Haito Uchi, followed by a Tora Guchi with Muchimi. Yame.