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(and Maddy & Scooter's, too )

My Mommy named me Smudge because I'm a little black streak that she's always trying to catch. Even she will admit that it sure is fun trying to chase around because I'm always into something. I was born on October 3, 1997 in a litter of six puppies. I was the cutest of the bunch. Aw come on. My Mommy and Daddy will back me up on that one.
I am still a puppy and an active one at that, but they say I'm not as mischievous as I was once. I don't chew EVERYTHING in sight now, just selected items. Although, what I have in my mouth is usually so good everyone else wants it so they run around trying to get it from me. Oh, wait, maybe it's because I'm not supposed to have it. Oops.

My brother Scooter is a big boy! He weighs about 34lbs. Maddy, my sister, is 28lbs and I'm 17lbs. You can tell that I came from a different litter! When I turned one, my human parents thought I needed some company. So that's when Maddy and Scooter entered the picture.

Here we are taking a walk in our matching red harnesses.
Before Scooter and Maddy came along, I had become a mild-mannered dog. But now I have partners in crime and I'm able to get into more mischief. The best part is I can blame it on one of them now!

In May 1999 my human brother was born. His name is Ben and he's pretty cute, I guess. For a human, that is. He is fun to snuggle with, though. We like to sleep together on the couch even though it usually means that someone is taking a lot of pictures.

I am too cute. Really. Too darned cute. Enough said.

I am a really pretty dog, even if I do say so myself.

I like to sleep a lot. And in a variety of strange positions. Sometimes I look pretty cute, and other times, I look really strange. You be the judge...

I love my Mommy! She's one of the few people who allows me to lick her right on the mouth even though I eat things in the yard that are not very yummy to her. Now that's true love!

Maddy loves the pool. When you throw the ball she doesn't hesitate to jump right in after it. Looks like she's walking on water, doesn't it? I'm the dog who REALLY walks on water...I just don't get my feet wet!

Maddy, Smudge and Scooter, Christmas 1998

Ben, Smudge, Maddy & Scooter, Christmas 1999
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