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Cow's Revenge for Clown

As a crowd of parents and children gathered at
McDonald's in Lincoln, Mo., awaiting the arrival
of the man of the hour- actually, the clown of
the hour, Ronald McDonald- a "cow" named
Petunia slipped quitely through the throngs of
people. She carried a special delivery for the
orange haired mascot of the merchants of death-
a tofu "cream" pie.

Petunia stepped forward, told Ronald "Stop
killing animals," and promptly squished the pie
into his face. Although the children squealed
with delight, Ronald wasn't so happy. He
grabbed Petunia by the jugular and threw her to
the ground, illustrating the violent way
McDonald's treats the billions of cows it
grinds up into hamburgers.

(Fact: The very first man to play Ronald McDonald, Jeff Juliano, ditched his
ditties about hamburger patches and became a vegetarian!)