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LAST UPDATED: July 30, 1999
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Dedicated to the villian of Episode I: The Phantom Menace...

July 30, 1999

I thought I would do a small update before I head out to see what could be the scariest movie of the year: The Blair Witch Project. Normally, scary movies do not scare me like they did when I was younger, but this one is different. I watched the trailer the other night and I was afraid to turn off the light. It's eerie. Anyways...

A new site dedicated to the very best Star Wars topsites has opened. Just a few moments ago, I decided to send in Maul's Corner info to register. It really is a great place and let's hope that we can put Maul's Corner on at #1! You can vote by clicking on the image under the banner at the top of the main page. Be sure and tell all your friends!! Wooooooo!

One last thing. My attention was recently directed toward This site has many interesting features including movie reviews, video game reviews, and a weekly ramblings section. This week, the current ramblings dealt with Maul's Corner. The word is getting out people and we are going platinum!! LOL! Oh well, stop by there and check it out. It really is a great site.

Speaking of new sites, a new Darth Maul site has opened. It is really unique in its appearence. The name of this site is Darth Maul's Dark Domain. Check it out!

Who knows, this may be my last update. Why, you ask? Well, the Blair Witch might get me!! She couldn't do anything with Maul, so maybe I'll ask him to go too. Everyone be good and put a smile on your face.

July 28, 1999

I just saw this bit of news over at TF.N concerning Ray Park. It seems as if our hero has been cast for the new, upcoming "X-Men" movie. I am not to familiar with the comic book series, but Cinescape is reporting that Park has been cast as the character known as Toad. This character is supposed to bounce off walls and act as a servant. Interesting...

I wonder if Toad will wield a double-edged lightsaber? =)

July 26, 1999

All of you SW fans should check out the new site design for Star Wars Chicks. It is really sweeeeeet! They have done a great job.

Recently, I was sent a fan fic submission that was a crossover between Star Trek/Star Wars. I have not watched The Next Generation series for some time, but it was my favorite series. For those of you Star Trek fans out there, you should check out the newest story in th Fan Fic section. It is entitled "Duel" and the author is Moschino. It's a great story.

July 20, 1999

I have finally finished putting together some of the fan fiction sent in by Ray Van Horn. You can find some of his new stories in the Fan Fiction section. They are definantly worth checking out. Also, if you have any comments on his work, send him some email. Please, be constructive.

I would also like to take this time to announce a new site that has appeared on the internet. It is a Star Wars resource page and it is entitled, TalkAbout Star Wars! Maul's Corner has been listed under the Ray Park heading. I would encourage all of you to head over and begin contributing to their forum.

One last thing, be sure to stop by Episode2.Net. They have some interesting quotes from Ray Park on whether he will be back for Episode II or not. In suspense? Well, get a moving then!! Until next time...

July 16, 1999

Well, the wedding went great! My friend was really nervous but he said it got easier the longer he was up there. Oh well, he should be back from his honeymoon right now. I need to get in contact with him.

It seems as if Angelfire's email system is fried. I was taking the time today to catch up on my email and updates when I realized I could not get into my email account. For me, that is bad news! I apologize for not being able to respond to any emails but I'll be trying as soon as I get access again.

This is interesting though. I noticed that over at TF.N, that they have reported a new spot has opened for Episode II over at the main site. Click here for the new spot. It has very a very appropriate graphic just sitting there.

Have patience until I can get back in my email account and have a great day!

July 9, 1999

Everyone! It has been too long since we all talked. That is because of my best friend's wedding coming up this Saturday. We've all been pretty stressed out with it and now it's about time. If you would like to send him some comments, or words of encouragement, or any last words..hehe...his email address is He would appreciate any comments and he is having Darth Maul's face on the groom's cake. It is too sweeeeeeeet! I should have a picture posted of it soon after the wedding.

On a sadder note, I would like to mention the fact that Declan Mulholland has passed away. He had a great part in the work on the original Jabba the Hutt. Please visit this link for information on how to send cards of encouragements or something like that.

I am off to setup the church for the big day tommorrow. Wish us all luck and please be in prayer for us. I promise that I have a phat updated once I get this over with. God bless...

July 4, 1999

Happy Fourth of July!!

I hope that everyone has a great time tonight. I saw an awsome firework demonstration last night and it rocked. Hopefully, the one I'm going to tonight will be just as good. We all know that Maul likes the big rockets and isn't impressed with sparklers (well, maybe I am =)

I apologize to those of you who have sent me email recently. It has not been checked for a couple of days and I guess you can say I am taking a break. Tommorrow, I should be getting back on track with my emails and updates. Sorry, once again.

Everyone, please be safe tonight and if you drink, do so responsibly. I would hate to lose some of you regulars out there who visit Maul's Corner frequently. Be careful. There is a clear, distinct line between having fun and being stupid.

Take care and God bless...

July 2, 1999

Well, the old poll finally stopped breathing. It was outstanding to see the response that it got and it shows how much this site has grown. Big shout out to Yahoo! for hooking me up. The new poll might not look very attractive but I don't have the time to work on it right now.

Since many of the female fans have showed their support and affection for the baddest of the bad, I figured that Maul would make a good lead man for Titanic 2 if they decided to make it. Everyone write James Cameron and let him know! LOL!

Over at the main site they have updated with a section on Darth Maul's makeup. Head over there and check it out!

Lastly, I have decided to add a new link to the Links section. It is a great site for all your SW related needs. I like to call it...DarkJedi.

Everyone have a safe weekend!

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