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8-4-2016 Livin' in Chillicothe Mo now...more updates coming soon

12-10-05....Been a long time since the last update. Moved back to Missouri and am bouncing off the walls in a house that used to be the "Funeral Home"....hehehe No gutz, no glory....seein' what I can dig up.

6-19-03....Still runnin' all the time. Just got back from 4897m road trip to ChiTown. 26.5mpg for whole trip. Not bad for 185k miles and 10 years old...and 80mph+average...hehehe....Stopped in KC for youngest daughters HS Graduation Party and saw all the folks and all 4 grandsons. Got to look at oldest daughter and hubby's new house they're movin' into. Got to see some old neighbors and school friends. Had a good time chattin'. Got to do some shootin' and fishin' also.

4-26-03....YEEHAW!!! Las Vegas Speedway--Me--650hp Corvette engined CART race car--6 laps--160.43MPH!!! Next time will be MUCH faster now that I've done it once. HEHEHE 200MPH here I come!! Thanks to The Las Vegas Hilton, it was free too.....Amazing what they throw at ya' for only playing a few 1large hands of BlackJack....Just don't tell the wifeypoo....>;}

5-24-02...Ding! On return trip from Chitown for National Restaurant show set new speed average. 1440 miles in 16.5 hours.....87.27MPH!! Very seldom under 95 and usually around 105. Top was 137 for a qwik shot in a state which shall remain nameless.....didn't keep track of gas mileage.

4-13-2002.....As usual, still too busy to get the new domain goin'. Went to France and Germany last November. Nuthin' like gettin' home to the good ole USA!! Took a 5000 mile road trip to Minnesota in February in the 'vette. Had to break in a new LT4 cam and 1:6 Roller Rocker Arms. Also put up with -7F actual and -65F wind chills. And one 12 mile trip at midnight in a raging blizzard with no snow tires and a guy from France who didn't have a hell of a lot to say on the way to where we were staying. Good thing I had a sloped nose on the 'vette for a snowplow to cut through the 3 foot drifts....no kiddin....good thing I learned to drive on a farm in Missouri. Last day of the trip from little brothers' in Springfield Mo to Phoenix Az was non-stop 16 1/2 hours covering 1370 miles......average speed......83.03MPH....try that in your Ford.....AND averaged over 24 MPG for the whole trip! I've also updated some of the following sections on this page. Feel free to peruse on down and check out the new goodies.

9-27-01....This page is severely outdated, but has a lot of goodies in it, so I'm leaving it pretty much as is. Go to LifeBeginsAt200MPH for newer info and a lot more ranting.

8-17-01...Goin' to the doc for a rotorooter job on the old heart....time for another cigarette. Hopefully it's just stress and not heart disease. I'm building a new soapbox....

7-7-01...Still here. Opening up new territory for the company. gogogogogo.......

10-4-00....Got about 5 minutes, so a little updating....Busy with the j-o-b. Getting ready to have a whole new site up and running before the end of the year hopefully. This poor old page needs some severe updating. New place will be lifebeginsat200mph .com. Mucho more pics and links. New beastie is an Athlon 700 runnin' at 750. Can't have it running at stock speed ya' know.....>;O Win 2k Pro, 256mg, 2-20 gigger's -3 19 in monitors and 1 17 in monitor. 4 CD changer, CD-RW, 2 way microwave ISP, 5.1 audio, and a whole bunch of other stuff I don't remember since I built it. Haven't really had time to play with the vette much. Bosch 4+ plugs and K&N filter is about it. 124k miles and I swear the plugs in it were original. Quickie trip to Vegas for a convention is about the only road trip I've done. Only got to tap 132 right quick. Still had rpm's and another gear to go. I'd guess 160 no problemo with chip and air stuff.. And a roll bar..... 7-10-00....New microwave ISP installed today. This mother hums!! New e-mail is ss427isaudio1@earthlink.net. LOTS of updating and catching up to do. Win 2K Pro still seems to be acceptable.......>;)

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